Mouthful of Copper

Mouthful of Copper

Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons

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  1. Brother Michael
  2. The Jump
  3. I Know There’s a Darkness
  4. Tanker
  5. Thistle
  6. Electra Glide in Blue
  7. Climb to Safety
  8. Hey Mancha
  9. Soda Man


  1. Chainsaw City
  2. My Little Tiger
  3. North
  4. She’s Going Out
  5. Back in the Hole
  6. Bright Young Thing
  7. Chrome Koran
  8. Sparkle
  9. Pearl of Great Price / Sparkle
  10. Savage Garden
  11. Hallelujah Trail

Live production by Betty Cantor-Jackson and Price Audio
Studio production by Junior Ruppel, Brad Rosen, and Jim Bull
Release date: September 23, 2003

The Players

Jerry Joseph: guitar, vocals
Junior Ruppel: bass, vocals
Brad Rosen: drums, vocals

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